QIP Summer School - ONLINE Harware Laboratory - at IIT Kharagpur

April 30, 2010

Sub: Summer School - ONLINE Harware Laboratory
                    for Engineering Education

QIP Sponsored Summer School on

"ONLINE Hardware Laboratory" June 07–13, 2010 at IIT Kharagpur

Dear Colleague:

Although the hands-on laboratory experiments are an integral
part of engineering education, availablity of adequate laboratory
facilities to individual students is becoming increasingly difficult
in a traditional laboratory for various reasons.

To address this issue, Web-based Laboratories are being developed
at IIT Kharagpur as a solution to this problem. Students have now
the opportunity of performing experiments from anywhere and anytime.

The proposed summer school will focus on the development strategies
of the Web/Internet Laboratory or Online Laboratory or Laboratory-on-
Demand for various engineering courses through the Internet and is
based on the knowledge developed at IIT Kharagpur.

May we request you to kindly depute interested faculty members to
participate in the summer school or forward this mail to someone
you know who may be interested.

Necessary Registration form and announcement (pdf file) are enclosed.

With best regards,

C K Maiti
Professor and Head
Department of Electronics
IIT Kharagpur 721302

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