New M.E. Thesis Submitted from Civil Student


Most of work of optimisation has been carried out by taking weight as the objective function with the assumption that minimum weight will correspond to minimum cost. However, in reality it not expected so. So in present study, both type of objective function will be taken in to account and comparison have been made. It may be noted that the reinforcement detailing includes the specifications regarding bar diameter,number of bars in both tension and compression zones; number of legs, diameter and spacing for shear stirrups; reinforcement topology (number of layers corresponding to one/ or more than one diameter size and number of bars in various layers) and so on, which are essentially discrete design variables. Also, the placement of reinforcement has to be physically acceptable in accordance with various codal provisions and practical consideration. Therefore, inclusion of reinforcement detail design variables in the optimisation problem is a complex issue. So, the optimisation of beam section and column have been carried out in the proposed work with weight and cost as objective functions to compare the effect of these on final outcome. Further all constraints, field as well as codal obligation have been applied. It can be seen that with reduction in section size , how much extra steel in terms of increment of steel is added to a section resulting in more cost if weight is less . From the above optimization it can be found out that for an economical section beyond safety , how weight and cost can be adjusted to optimum values .In this genetic algorithm has been employed for rectangular and square sections , but in future , it can be successfully applied for different sections .

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