New M.E. Thesis Submitted from EE Student


Use of Silicon power MOSFETs which are particularly useful for high frequency applications due to their high inherent switching speed has been limited to circuits with voltage of upto 1000V at a current level of only l Amp. This limitation is due to high Ron,sp) associated with these devices especially at higher breakdown Voltage. It is increasingly recognized that semiconductor based electronics that can function at ambient temperatures higher than 150°C without external cooling could greatly benefit a variety of important applications, especially in the automotive, aerospace, and energy production industries. The fact that wide bandgap semiconductors are capable of electronic functionality at much higher temperatures than silicon has partially fueled their development, particularly in the case of Silicon Carbide (SiC). It appears uncommon that wide bandgap semiconductor devices will find much use in low-power transistor application until the ambient temperature exceeds approximately 300°C, as commercially available silicon and silicon-on-insulator technologies are already satisfying requirements for digital and analog very large scale integrated circuits in this temperature range. It is reported that the performance of Si and SiC diode is similar at low voltage and low temperature (100°C) applications. However, as the voltage and temperature increases, the advantages of SiC diodes become more pronounced. However, practical operation of silicon power devices at ambient temperature above 200°C appears problematic, as self-heating at higher power levels results in high internal junction temperatures and leakages. Thus, most electronic subsystems that simultaneously require high-temperature and high-power operation with low power dissipation will necessarily be realized using wide bandgap devices, Once the technology for realizing these devices become sufficiently developed then these devices will become widely available.
The present work aims at the “Theoretical Analysis of SiC DIMOSFET for different doping profiles using field dependent mobility”. In this dissertation uniform, linear and Gaussian doping profiles are considered. Necessary equations for the calculation of number of parameters to check the performance of 6H-SiC MOSFET are calculated. Various device parameters are calculated, plotted and analyzed. Then all these three profiles are compared to get the best profile for electronic devices.

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